The Parks & Trails Challenge

Get out and see all that Kitsap County has to offer!  The challenge is to visit all the locations in one calendar year. See the Main Parks & Trails page and Rules for more info.

The "Challenge" is open to everybody!

The Parks & Trails Challenge is merely an invitation to visit the beautiful open spaces here in Kitsap County.  It includes public and private areas. If you wish to compete for the grand prize and other monthly/quarterly prizes, you must follow the Competitions Rules below.

Be safe visiting Kitsap's Parks, Trails & Places

Search online for details before you go. (parking, access, dogs allowed, difficult terrain, etc.)

Be aware and respectful of the environment.

  • Practice LNT protocols (leave no trace). Take only pictures, leave only footprints.
  • Some places have new plantings and/or fragile ecosystems; stay on paths.
  • Some locations are very primitive and are not maintained for regular public use. They are open to the public, but as visitors, you must know the limitations. 
  • Parking areas are limited in many places.  If you do not find a spot, please go back and visit it later. - There's lot's more to choose from!

Official Rules:

  • Each person competing for prizes must be registered on our site.  Kids (and spouses) can be registered under the parent's account if you wish.
  • Registrations must include a photo clearly showing each participant.
  • If you are under 18, include a parent email.
  • Photo submissions for check-ins must be done through the contest portal (log-in) and must include a location identifier, clear image of registered person, and a current copy of Kitsap Kids' Directory (this is how we determine the valid date range - find a copy here). You may use the same picture for multiple people, but it will need to be submitted for each named participant (or if they are on your household account, make sure to select each user on the drop down list).
  • For locations that do not yet have a common identifier, we will rely on public input and update the map listings as soon as a reasonable identifier is verified.  (Share your pictures on the Parks & Trails Challenge Group)!
  • This is a public challenge. All uploaded photos will be visible on the Kitsap Kids' Directory website. Kitsap Kids' Directory may use these photos in print or digital form, including any text information you include.



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